Nebraska Book Company, Inc. (Neebo)

Copia has partnered with Neebo, Inc., an industry leader in solutions for the college store marketplace, to create an innovative and interactive learning community. 


Neebo provides millions of students, parents, faculty, fans and alumni with the most complete selection of rental, used and new textbooks. Neebo has partnered with Copia to develop a new environment that encompasses the Neebo Student Network, Neebo Digital Reader, and Neebo Virtual Clasroom. The solution features enhanced capabilities such as the ability to share course notes, participate in interactive discussions, and interact directly with faculty, in addition to the traditional delivery of digital text and media.

Students and faculty aren't just looking for textbooks anymore. They want print and digital course material options and a digital learning experience that enriches the classroom for all students, regardless of the type of textbook they purchased. By deeply integrating Copia's best-in-class technology into our infrastructure, and our college stores will be able to provide students the learning experience they are looking for.

- Jon Otterberg, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Neebo, Inc.

College Retail Alliance (CRA)

Copia has partnered with CRA, a coalition of the largest independent universities and bookstores in the U.S. and Canada, to jointly deliver digital learning solutions. 

The CRA represents more than 43 universities and campuses with more than 100 independent bookstores, servicing 1.5 million students nationwide. The CRA owns and operates Ratex Business Solutions, a complete inventory management and commerce solution for textbooks, trade books, and general merchandise. Copia will integrate its interactive digital platform into the Ratex solution for nationwide distribution of digital textbooks, supplemental materials, homework tools, and other digital assets. In addition to being a preferred partner for digital distribution, Copia is providing enterprise solutions to many of the CRA's member universities, including a complete end-to-end solution for classrooms campus-wide.

We chose Copia as the primary platform for delivering digital content via RATEX Business Solutions. With Copia, our customers in higher education have a comprehensive, elegant, and engaging way to provide digital content for their students and faculty.

Gary Swisher, VP of Channel Management for RAYTEX Business Solutions