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The Professors' Guide to Conquering College - Book Cover
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The Professors' Guide to Conquering College

Jeremy S Hyman , Dr. Lynn F Jacobs

Pub. Date: January, 2011
Publisher: Professors Guide LLC
ISBN: 9782674200009
From the introduction: When you think about "conquering" college - overcoming all its hurdles and getting the most out you can - probably think of acing the exams and killing the papers. About how you’ll reach the end of the semester with sweet-looking A’s in all your courses – the required ones, the electives, and those in your major. And you wouldn’t be wholly wrong, either. One mark (though not the only one) of college success is the grades you get. Others include whether you learn something of value, whether you get on track for a good career or graduate education, and, most generally, whether you have a productive and rewarding experience in your four (or five or six or seven) years of college.

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