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Pride and Prejudice (Copia Annotated Edition) - Book Cover
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Pride and Prejudice (Copia Annotated Edition)

Jane Austen

Pub. Date: September, 2011
Publisher: Copia Editions
ISBN: 9781618830005
Age Level: 14 and up

Of all Jane Austen's works, Pride and Prejudice has long been the best known and most beloved. Its brilliant heroine, brooding hero, and their heated battle of wits have made it the prototype for many a popular romance. But Austen's own favorite work is more than a love story. It is also a window into English society at a time of great change. From dinner table to ballroom, tidy parsonage to the splendors of Pemberley—Austen ushers us into the rooms and rhythms of everyday life in the Regency period. And if Pride and Prejudice delves inward to what Elizabeth Bennet is thinking, it looks outward as well: to class tensions, shifting notions of marriage, the role of the militia, property rights for women. All of this in some of the most elegant prose ever written—and with some of the wittiest punch lines on record.

This Copia Edition of Pride and Prejudice is fully annotated by Susan Fraiman, professor of English at the University of Virginia and noted Austen scholar. Using the Copia eReader, Austen fans can read Fraiman's lively and illuminating notes right in the margins of the book. Ever wonder what shoe roses are? How to tell a phaeton from a barouche? Would you like to know why Austen's opening sentence is so famous? Why Lydia Bennet is key to the conclusion? Well-versed in the debates that animate critics, familiar with the issues that fascinate students, Fraiman takes up all these questions and more with insight, clarity, and humor. This edition will appeal to those already on a first-name basis with Jane as well as to those just getting to know her, and is ideal for book clubs, classrooms, and inquiring readers everywhere.

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