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  1. FAQ for Groups on Copiashow

    • Can I add a book to a group if I'm not the group owner?

    • Only the owner of a group can add a book to the group bookshelf.

  2. FAQ for Friends and Following on Copiashow

    • What's the difference between Follower, Following and Friend?

    • A Follower is someone who follows you, but you don’t follow back. Following means you follow someone but they don’t follow you back. And if you both follow each other, you’re Friends.

    • Can I compare my library to two people at once?

    • Yes. Click the Expanded tab under My People. The libraries of connected members will appear underneath. Select the additional library you want to compare

  3. FAQ for eBooks on Copiashow

    • How do I read an eBook?

    • Currently, you can read eBooks via the desktop application or if you own a Windows 7 Phone or iPad. Visit the Apps & Readers page in Public Copia for more information.

    • Can I import my accounts from LibraryThing or Shelfari?

    • Not at the present time.

  4. FAQ for Discussion on Copiashow

    • I started a discussion and now I can't find it.

    • Click on My Copia and click Discussions. All discussions you started can be found under your Discussions tab.

  5. FAQ for My Account on Copiashow

    • How do I change my password?

    • Click on Settings and click where it says Change, across from Password. You will be prompted to enter your old password, then enter a new password and reenter the password to confirm. To complete the process, press Update.

    • I lost my password.

    • When signing in click on "Forgot Your Password," enter your username or email address and a new temporary password will be emailed to you. Log in with your new temporary password, answer your security question when prompted and then create your new permanent password.

  6. FAQ for Search on Copiashow

    • How do I search by Tag?

    • When viewing a book detail page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the tags associated with that book and click on a tag to find other books that use that tag. Also, in the search box, type “tag:your search term” to search tags

    • I searched for a book but I don't see it in the search results.

    • Make sure you have spelled the title correctly and try again. Or, use the Advanced Search functionality to specify author, title or ISBN number.

  7. FAQ for Authors on Copiashow

    • How can I use Copia to get publicity for my book?

    • If your book is included in the Copia catalog, go to the book’s detail page, note the URL, and use that as a link you can share with people on your website, Facebook, email, etc. Folks who click on that link will be directed to your book's page on Copia after they log in.

  8. FAQ for Community on Copiashow

    • What does Community Value mean?

    • The Community Value is a rating that Copia calculates based on many factors, including how many times it has been rated and reviewed, how many libraries and groups in which the book appears, discussions about the books and many other factors

    • What does Community Rating mean?

    • Community rating will tell you whether other Copia members enjoyed this book or not. It is a collective ranking system based on star ratings

  9. FAQ for Other on Copiashow

    • How can I see what's under a spoiler alert?

    • In the post on the discussion that shows a spoiler alert, click on the dark red words on the right side of the post that say “Show Spoiler".

    • What is the maximum number of computers and devices that I can authorize for use with my Adobe ID?

    • You can activate up to six computers and six devices. If you reach the limit, contact Adobe’s Customer Service to increase your allowable activations.