Islip UFSD - New York

Prior to Copia

Before deciding to move forward with the implementation of an interactive digital platform, secondary education teachers in Islip, New York had difficulty in accessing a wide range of digital materials to meet the needs of their students. It was also challenging to incorporate supplementary learning materials, such as videos, course packets, or articles and links. What was lacking was a single point of access where teachers could identify appropriate digital learning materials from a variety of sources and make those resources available to students. Students were also limited in terms of their ability to access digital content outside of the classroom.


Students in Long Island benefit from high-quality digital content in an interactive digital environment.

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Our Solution

Islip UFSD has partnered with Copia to give their educators and students access to best-in-class content and collaboration tools through a convenient mobile platform called Copia Class. With this solution, teachers can easily search for and incorporate course content and supplementary learning materials, such as videos or simulations, to meet the needs of their courses and students.

The partnership began with a pilot of Advanced Placement courses at Islip High School, where students and teachers were provided with iPads running Copia Class. Copia Class promotes student participation and interactivity inside and outside the classroom. Students have the ability to access their textbook, learning materials, and collaboration tools both online and offline, in the classroom and at home. The learning experience has been extended to reach beyond the classroom, contributing to a deeper level of student engagement.

Students have the ability to launch discussions with other students or their teachers, all within the digital content environment. Teachers can also embed assessments or activities within the course content to reinforce topics and gauge students’ understanding of key concepts.

Islip UFSD is privileged to partner with Copia on this exciting venture. Providing students and staff with electronic access to curriculum materials enables student learning to be an interactive, 24x7 academic environment and gives students greater control of their learning.

- Susan A. Schnebel, Superintendent of Schools for Islip School District