The Commonwealth of Virginia

Copia Class breaks down barriers to power Virginia's state-of-the-art digital content marketplace.

The Landscape — Before Copia

Prior to the use of Copia Class, Virginia's K-12 schools struggled to provide convenient access to a wide range of digital content and supplementary materials. Educators often found it challenging to identify appropriate, standards-based content for use in their classes. Teachers had to search through multiple databases or publishing sources to identify content for use in their classes, and it wasn't always clear which sources were in line with Commonwealth standards. With the implementation of Copia Class, educators will have access to a single "one-stop-shop" where they can access high-quality, standards-aligned, interactive content to meet the needs of their students.


Our Solution

With the use of Copia Class, the Commonwealth of Virginia has developed a centralized marketplace for all digital education content used in Virigina's K-12 schools. Teachers and students across Virginia have one convenient place to access content from top publishers — all aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning. This single platform makes it easy for educators to search for, identify, and distribute the best content to support the needs of their students across all grade levels.

Copia has partnered with leading educational publishers and content providers to provide a wide variety of robust content and supplementary materials. All content is provided through Copia Class, an interactive digital learning platform that fosters student engagement and success.

Copia Class provides powerful tracking capabilities that makes it possible for the Commonwealth to see content usage trends across divisions and to track student performance and outcomes while adhering to privacy requirements. The solution gives visibility into student progress, making it simple for educators to identify learning gaps and to provide proactive support and supplementary learning materials. Students are able to engage more dynamically with each other and with their teachers, all within the context of the course content — contributing to an interactive, immersive learning experience.

Learningfield - Australia

Copia partners with LearningField and leading publishers in Australia to launch a first-of-its-kind digital classroom.

Before Copia

Prior their implementation of LearningField powered by Copia Class, Australian K-12 teachers faced limitations in terms of providing content for their classes. A typical class was married to a single textbook, with a limited selection of supplemental materials. They lacked access to a wide range of digital content as well as an easy way to distribute that content to students. It was also difficult for educators to tailor content based on individual student needs or learning styles.


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Copia Australia


Our Solution

LearningField, powered by Copia Class, gives teachers and students across Australia access to a wide range of best-in-class content that is aligned with learning standards — all in one convenient environment. Teachers can easily search for and incorporate the best learning materials available to support the diverse needs of their students.

The LearningField/Copia Class solution is supported by many of Australia’s largest and most respected educational publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Wiley, Oxford University Press, Pearson, and Cengage. All content is aligned with the Australian, New South Wales, and Victorian curricula, giving educators confidence that the content they are using is in line with educational standards.

Learningfield, powered by Copia Class, is like the Spotify for secondary education, allowing teachers to tailor exactly the content they want to the specific needs of their students, as they can select any chapter of any text in the catalogue.

- Ben Heuston, Director of LearningField

Teachers and students are already realizing the positive impact of the LearningField/Copia Class solution. The solution provides access to a fully interactive digital environment that helps to motivate students and encourage engagement with the learning material. It promotes collaboration inside and outside the classroom and has contributed to more meaningful and frequent interactions between students and their teachers. Teachers can also respond to student questions within the learning material, giving them greater insight into learning gaps so that they can provide proactive, personalized support for students.

Brooklyn Schools - Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn schools give students access to robust digital content and powerful collaboration tools.

The Challenge

Copia has partnered with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in a groundbreaking pilot program to introduce interactive digital content in three Brooklyn schools. The pilot includes approximately 250 students and 10 teachers at Eagle Academy for Young Men II, in Brownsville, and P.S.196—Ten Eyck and M.S.582—The Upper Academy located jointly in East Williamsburg.
Prior to the partnership, the schools had limited access to high-quality, robust content. Teachers and students sometimes only had access to older versions of textbooks, and the selection was limited based on what was available in each school’s individual library or book room. Another challenge they faced was with student participation in the classroom. Students were often hesitant to raise their hands in class, which limited their engagement in the learning process.
President Eric Adams selected Copia to help fulfill his commitment to bring Brooklyn schools up to 21st Century learning standards. To actualize this vision, all pilot participants were provided iPads featuring Copia Class, Copia’s latest interactive learning platform. 

Press Conference Footage

Press Conference Footage

Our Solution

With Copia Class, Brooklyn teachers and students have access to a state-of-the-art, interactive digital classroom. Teachers have immediate access to a library of robust digital content from the most respected publishers and content providers. They have a single place where they can easily find course content, videos, and other educational materials to meet the needs of their students.
Through Copia Class, teachers also have the ability to embed assessments directly within the content to gauge students’ understanding of the course material and proactively offer assistance. Copia Class has also contributed to greater levels of student participation and student-teacher interaction. Students and teachers are able to access Copia Class and engage with the learning material online or offline, in the classroom as well as at home. 

The students are engaged on various levels and being able to post comments to teacher and student questions allows all types of learners to participate, whether verbally or via silent posting discussions. This activates multiple intelligences and is making reading a fun and enjoyable experience for them.

- Jennifer Lew, Fifth-grade Teacher at P.S. 196 Ten Eyck

The pilot program is already showing promising results in its first few months. Diana Reyna, Brooklyn Deputy Borough President recently commented that some of the benefits they have seen include “frequency of participation in classroom discussion, the number of teacher and student communications per day, and improved vocabulary and literacy pronunciation.” 

Islip UFSD - New York

Students in Long Island benefit from high-quality digital content in an interactive digital environment.

Prior to Copia

Before deciding to move forward with the implementation of an interactive digital platform, secondary education teachers in Islip, New York had difficulty in accessing a wide range of digital materials to meet the needs of their students. It was also challenging to incorporate supplementary learning materials, such as videos, course packets, or articles and links. What was lacking was a single point of access where teachers could identify appropriate digital learning materials from a variety of sources and make those resources available to students. Students were also limited in terms of their ability to access digital content outside of the classroom.

Our Solution

Islip UFSD has partnered with Copia to give their educators and students access to best-in-class content and collaboration tools through a convenient mobile platform called Copia Class. With this solution, teachers can easily search for and incorporate course content and supplementary learning materials, such as videos or simulations, to meet the needs of their courses and students.

The partnership began with a pilot of Advanced Placement courses at Islip High School, where students and teachers were provided with iPads running Copia Class. Copia Class promotes student participation and interactivity inside and outside the classroom. Students have the ability to access their textbook, learning materials, and collaboration tools both online and offline, in the classroom and at home. The learning experience has been extended to reach beyond the classroom, contributing to a deeper level of student engagement.

Students have the ability to launch discussions with other students or their teachers, all within the digital content environment. Teachers can also embed assessments or activities within the course content to reinforce topics and gauge students’ understanding of key concepts.

Islip UFSD is privileged to partner with Copia on this exciting venture. Providing students and staff with electronic access to curriculum materials enables student learning to be an interactive, 24x7 academic environment and gives students greater control of their learning.

- Susan A. Schnebel, Superintendent of Schools for Islip School District

LAUSD - Los Angeles Unified School District

Watch a case study review of Copia in the classroom.


Copia launched a successful and celebrated multi-year implementation targeting classrooms with high concentrations of ELL students in LAUSD – the second largest school district in the county. Spanning various content areas and grade levels, teachers reported harnessing Copia’s suite of interactive features and assessment tools to provide the instructional support that many of their students required. Check out the following video to learn more about how using Copia in LA led to greater student engagement and achievement.

Textbooks are a one size fits all solution, whereas the Copia app gives you a lot of ways to solve the same problem.

- Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District