Breaking the Barrier to Provide Free Digital World Language Course Materials to Schools


Award-winning series available free of charge for one year

Groton, MA—June 1, 2016—Breaking the Barrier, Inc., a global leader in print and digital language learning, today announced that it will provide its entire award-winning world language series free of charge for one year to Copia Class™ subscribers.

The series, which currently includes Spanish, French, and English, is designed to help learners read, write, and speak the target language fluently while developing a deep understanding and appreciation of the various cultures and traditions associated with each language.

Developed by Groton School teacher and Dean of Faculty, John Conner, the Breaking the Barrier World Language Series gives learners everywhere access to the same rigorous and effective language learning experience found in one of America’s top schools.

“Breaking the Barrier is more than just a name. Everything we do is focused on breaking barriers: language and cultural barriers as well as barriers that impede access to high-quality instructional materials. I believe we have the best materials available to help learners master a new language, and we are proud to partner with Copia Interactive to make these materials available free of charge to schools everywhere,” said John Conner, Breaking the Barrier CEO and Series Editor.

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Founded in 1997 by educators, Breaking the Barrier is a global leader in print and digital language learning. Featuring instruction in Spanish, French, and English, Breaking the Barrier offers students the fastest path to true language fluency. For more information, visit

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