COPIA Releases Next Generation of COPIA CLASS E-Learning Platform to Take Teaching and Learning to the Next Level

NEW YORK--()--COPIA Interactive, the innovative company devoted to applying the latest and best tech tools to learning, is once again breaking new ground with the next generation of COPIA CLASS™, an advanced e-learning platform that combines all the features classrooms rely on to make digital teaching and learning simple and effective.

COPIA Interactive is pleased to share the news of this latest digital platform at the EdNet 2014 Conference. The improved version makes interoperability with media even easier and has expanded its platform support, making it truly device agnostic.

“As a technology company we’re constantly working to take advantage of the latest and best features available to provide the most up-to-date, interactive and collaborative learning platform that gives students and teachers boundless access to content,” said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of COPIA Interactive.

COPIA CLASS™ works with dozens of publishers to provide teachers unlimited access to books, texts, novels and multimedia. It then elevates what teachers could normally do with a printed text, to an interactive, multimedia learning experience. It is a digital platform with everything in one place. With COPIA CLASS™, teachers can align their instruction to learning standards and increase the rigor of their classrooms. The e-learning platform places content at the center of instruction and enables teachers to capitalize on the power of technology, providing a centralized location for a digitally enhanced classroom.

“COPIA CLASS™ is what true 21st-Century learning is intended to be. It’s anytime, anywhere collaborative learning at its best,” said Lowinger. “With one tool, students have all the content for their classes at their fingertips and can interact with that content, with their classmates and with their teachers, inside and outside of the classroom.”

COPIA CLASS™ can hold an array of textbook subjects from multiple publishers, customized to a class, school or district’s needs. Lesson modules allow students to view the lesson objectives. Teachers can add links and images connected to the lesson in the margins of the text to avoid interrupting students’ concentration on the reading. Within the links and images teachers also can pose critical-thinking questions or short quizzes to ensure that students are not only understanding the reading, but are also making connections and inferences.

Students can highlight and ask questions about sections of a reading they may be struggling with. They can write notes in the margins, view the selected vocabulary words for the lesson or even have the text read aloud to them. Students also can share links to additional information related to readings with the class and have discussions between their classmates and their teachers based on that information. Students can monitor their own progress over time throughout the class as well as on the short exams embedded in the lessons.

“Textbooks are a one-size-fits-all solution,” Lowinger said. “COPIA CLASS™ gives teachers and students a lot of ways to approach a learning challenge. For many students, COPIA CLASS™ is helping to infuse a new sense of excitement into reading and learning, and a greater sense of confidence.”

This next generation COPIA CLASS™ release is scheduled for January 2015, to coincide with the start of the Australian school year. COPIA’s implementation in Australia has rapidly expanded from 10,000 to 40,000 students in its first year of use. COPIA CLASS™ can be used on all devices, including iPad, Chromebooks, and Android Tablets as well as smartphones, Macs and PCs.


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