OUR Partnerships

Copia has strong partnerships with many of the world's major publishers, content providers, campus bookstores, and associations worldwide. We highly value our partners and are committed to respecting and protecting their valued assets, including intellectual property and student data.

publishers and content providers

Copia has a history of working working closely with publishers and content providers to aggregate and deliver content through an interactive, dynamic digital classroom environment. Copia provides a platform that synthesizes multi-genre content into a single, interactive, seamless delivery experience for publishers and content providers. We make e-textbooks, media resources, and supplementary materials available through a central, searchable, user-friendly interface — making it easy for your customers to find exactly what they need.


campus bookstores

Copia has strong partnerships with the most respected campus bookstores. With Copia, you can avoid the hassle of running an e-commerce site. Copia provides you with a customized, white label solution that allows you to maintain your brand identity and compete with other online providers. We make content resources from multiple publishers available through a central, interactive mobile platform. It's easy for faculty and students to search for and find the content they need — whether it's e-textbooks, multimedia resources, or supplementary materials. Our cloud-based solution makes content available anytime, anywhere, from nearly any device. Copia's back-end reporting features also provide insight into purchasing trends and usage details, giving you data that helps you to drive sales and promote brand loyalty.

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Copia also has strong partnerhips with industry associations, including IMS Global and SIAA. Through these relationships, Copia plays an active role in the education community, while we keep current with important events and trends that impact our industry and our partners.