Digital platform launched for hundreds of colleges expands its cadre of publishers and content with Pearson, McGraw Hill, Cengage, Wiley and other significant providers to create an ideal digital campus learning experience

New York, NY — September 30, 2014— COPIA Interactive, creator of one of the most robust, independent, full-featured digital content platforms and college digital bookstore sites, today announced relationships with seven additional publishers of higher-education textbooks and content.

COPIA partners with major global publishers to combine their vast content libraries and deliver them to students. The content is personalized to address the needs of each of the countries in which COPIA operates, thus ensuring that the publishers’ content can be best used no matter the language or format.

COPIA’s latest partnerships include material from top-named publishers, including Pearson, McGraw Hill, Macmillan Higher Ed, Cengage, Wiley and Lippincott and Wolters Kluwer Health. COPIA is pleased to share this news at the EDUCAUSE 2014 Conference.

COPIA is the only platform that delivers a complete turnkey solution, providing a single portal for all of a user’s digital content and social class activity, creating an interactive, collaborative and unified teaching and learning experience that is unrivaled in the market. By creating a vehicle for the delivery of everything from required course materials to digital access codes, COPIA’s able to support universities’ efforts to provide students with a single-point of access for all of their coursework needs.

COPIA helps faculty enhance their courses while preserving the unique nature of their curriculum. It also partners with hundreds of college bookstores, helping eliminate the stress associated with getting all materials necessary for their course catalogs. Instead, by harnessing COPIA’s platform, students have access to any content they need or want from the university’s bookstore.

COPIA’s embedded communication tools and assessment capabilities allow students to communicate with classmates and instructors within the context of the course’s content.

“COPIA is the only company that offers such interactivity with content and the rich faculty-student connection,” said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of COPIA Interactive. “Ours is a complete end-to-end solution that combines the latest in digital technology with relevant social components. Plus, our vendor-neutral platform and suite of downloadable apps makes COPIA a one-stop solution: it’s easy to use and accessible from any device, any time and anywhere.”

With COPIA, students can access professors’ pages to access anything from literature readings, sociology course packets, or assignments for philosophy. Professors’ pages provide direct links to all textbooks at the campus bookstore’s COPIA site, and instructors can post links to interactive content for students. COPIA also allows students to watch video as part of the syllabus selected by the professors.

In a class, the library, or a café, students can find professors’ lecture notes in the margins of their assigned texts, and can also share notes with classmates or communicate with professors or project partners. No books or notes are lost because all of the information is stored in the cloud. With its anytime, anywhere accessibility and interactive features, COPIA is an ideal tool for blended learning environments.

“COPIA takes the headaches and hassles out of college course materials and provides a more interactive and on-demand way to study,” said Lowinger. “It delivers the ultimate online college class collaborative experience.”


Since it started in 2010, COPIA Interactive has stayed at the forefront of the changes in technology and multimedia to create a product that is truly driving 21st-Century teaching and learning in the K-20 arena. COPIA is a socially-driven digital content platform that helps educators, publishers and students unlock the power of digital and non-digital educational material through the use of an integrated platform that unifies people and content. COPIA reaches over 900 college campuses world-wide and K-12 schools across the U.S and abroad. Its growing international presence includes the U.S., Brazil, Australia and Spain. COPIA Interactive, LLC is wholly-owned subsidiary of DMC Capital Funding, LLC. For more information, call 212-229-8400 or visit