Copia and the Globalization of Digital Reading



Digital reading app Copia is known for introducing innovative information at large-scale industry gatherings, such as last year’s demonstration of its social reading feature that allows students to annotate inside a digital textbook in order to share and collaborate on notes. At this year’s Digital Book World, Seth Kaufman, Vice President of Merchandising & Marketing for Copia, shared some of the other features that are making Copia and its white-label ebook platform a popular app.

Kaufman spoke about Copia’s global expansion into Australia and Spain–and alluded to some big news that will hopefully be launched in time for next month’s O’Reilly Media Tools of Change publishing event–as well the popular reception of the annotation feature that lets authors enter the discussion and post commentary inside the pages of readers’ books, almost creating a “director’s cut” out of books, much the way that JK Rowling has granted her fans insider access into the creation of the Harry Potter books by adding additional notes and comments on the series.

GoodeReader interviewed Kaufman at DBW to find out Copia’s stance on the ever-buzzing topic of ebook globalization.