Digital learning shouldn't replace class discussion - it should extend it.

With Copia Class, digital learning has reached an entirely new level. A powerful platform that delivers robust content, Copia Class drives student-teacher collaboration, and provides greater insight into student performance.

With Copia Class, educators can easily access robust content (including core, remedial, and AP) that is aligned to learning standards and course objectives. Teachers can customize their course material and communicate with students — all from one convenient environment.

Personal Communication.

In the Copia Class environment, teachers can embed thought-provoking comments or questions within course texts for students to address. Students can post responses in the margins and send instructors private messages about anything they may be struggling with. This personal, just-in-time communication keeps students engaged with the one-to-one instruction they need.

Greater Insights into Learning.

Copia Class makes the student learning experience transparent. Through a convenient dashboard, teachers have access to a wide range of student learning data, such as which tasks have been attempted, completed or skipped entirely. Educators can monitor lesson progress, quickly remediate any learning gaps, and provide personalized support for their students. It is even possible for students and parents to view personalized digital portfolios for added insight into their learning outcomes.



Leverage Robust Content

Copia Class provides immediate access to a library of robust content from the most respected publishers and content providers. Rather than spending needless time searching through disparate sources, educators have a single place where they can easily find text, videos, and other educational materials that meet the needs of their students.

Provide Personalized Support

Copia Class makes it easier for educators to provide one-to-one support to address student needs. Teachers can group students by performance level and modify or scaffold lessons with specific problems, questions, and resources for each group. As students work through their assignments, they can see teacher-embedded questions and notes in the margins of the course text. Students can respond, highlight, or ask questions privately within the text to receive the personal feedback they need.

Drive Collaboration and Participation

Copia Class gives every student a voice so that even the quietest feel free to express themselves or ask questions using our rich collaboration tools. They can collaborate with peers by discussing lessons with classmates, working together to complete group projects, and preparing for their exams all in one place.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Copia Class is a cloud-based solution that gives students, teachers, and administrators access to course materials, videos, notes, and collaboration tools anytime, anywhere, from nearly any device.


Copia Class: A Solution for Your Whole Educational System.

Gain Performance Insights

Copia Class simplifies teaching tasks and assessments by providing detailed performance reports on individual students in real time, allowing teachers to track performance by specific questions, learning standards, or whole assignments.

align with standards

With Copia Class, it's easy for educators and school systems to find content that aligns with their local learning standards. Every resource in the platform conforms to the nuances of statewide requirements and/or local expectations.

implement seamlessly

Copia Class makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with student information systems (SIS) through our strong partnerships with leading SIS providers. Copia staff also works closely with school faculty to deliver exceptional training that helps everyone master the system quickly.