[VIDEO] Eagle Academy for Young Men II Press Conference

Eagle Academy for Young Men II Press Conference - Winter 2014


Copia Interactive, LLC.

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Learningfield - Australia

Before Copia

Prior their implementation of LearningField powered by Copia Class, Australian K-12 teachers faced limitations in terms of providing content for their classes. A typical class was married to a single textbook, with a limited selection of supplemental materials. They lacked access to a wide range of digital content as well as an easy way to distribute that content to students. It was also difficult for educators to tailor content based on individual student needs or learning styles.


Brooklyn Schools - Brooklyn, NY

The Challenge

Copia has partnered with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in a groundbreaking pilot program to introduce interactive digital content in three Brooklyn schools. The pilot includes approximately 250 students and 10 teachers at Eagle Academy for Young Men II, in Brownsville, and P.S.196—Ten Eyck and M.S.582—The Upper Academy located jointly in East Williamsburg.

for administrators

Copia Class gives institutions access to a collaborative digital learning environment coupled with rich content from leading publishers and content providers. Administrators can leverage technology that provides unique insight into student participation and performance, improves productivity for faculty and students alike, and fosters a personalized learning environment. Copia Class also integrates with leading learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS), making it easy to incorporate into your campus technology platform.

for students

When students study outside of class, they are no longer alone. With Copia Class, they have immediate access to comments, notes, links, and discussion points created by faculty within the e-textbook. Students can also make their own notes within the e-textbook to share with faculty or with other students for study groups. Copia Class helps improve student organization by keeping everything they need in one place, eliminating the need for separate notebooks or materials.

For faculty

Copia Class makes it more efficient for faculty to provide feedback and answer questions from students all within the e-textbook. Instead of spending extra time creating stand-alone materials or presentations, faculty can simply add notes, media links, and discussion points right within the e-textbook itself. They can even gauge students' understanding of the course material by embedding quiz questions that can be automatically scored and delivered to a dashboard.

College Retail Alliance (CRA)

The CRA represents more than 43 universities and campuses with more than 100 independent bookstores, servicing 1.5 million students nationwide. The CRA owns and operates Ratex Business Solutions, a complete inventory management and commerce solution for textbooks, trade books, and general merchandise. Copia will integrate its interactive digital platform into the Ratex solution for nationwide distribution of digital textbooks, supplemental materials, homework tools, and other digital assets.