Nebraska Book Company, Inc. (Neebo)

Neebo provides millions of students, parents, faculty, fans and alumni with the most complete selection of rental, used and new textbooks. Neebo has partnered with Copia to develop a new environment that encompasses the Neebo Student Network, Neebo Digital Reader, and Neebo Virtual Clasroom. The solution features enhanced capabilities such as the ability to share course notes, participate in interactive discussions, and interact directly with faculty, in addition to the traditional delivery of digital text and media.

implement seamlessly

Copia Class makes it easy to seamlessly integrate with student information systems (SIS) through our strong partnerships with leading SIS providers. Copia staff also works closely with school faculty to deliver exceptional training that helps everyone master the system quickly.

align with standards

With Copia Class, it's easy for educators and school systems to find content that aligns with their local learning standards. Every resource in the platform conforms to the nuances of statewide requirements and/or local expectations.

Gain Performance Insights

Copia Class simplifies teaching tasks and assessments by providing detailed performance reports on individual students in real time, allowing teachers to track performance by specific questions, learning standards, or whole assignments.

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