Personalized, Interactive Learning.

Personalized, Interactive LearningImagine a classroom experience that has been brought to life, with student-faculty discussions, personalized feedback, multimedia content, insights on student performance, and more. Introducing Copia Class — a powerful platform that delivers premium content and enables student-faculty engagement, inside and outside of the classroom.

Copia Class provides an interactive, highly customized digital environment that allows for instant interaction between faculty, students, and rich course content (including e-textbooks and supplementary materials) from the most respected sources.

Easily customize content.

With Copia Class, faculty can customize course content with their own in-line notes, multimedia materials, or assignments - making it easier for students to understand and prioritize key concepts. Students can add their own notes, complete assessments, and engage in discussions with faculty and other students, all within the e-textbook itself. Copia Class is a cloud-based solution that is accessible anytime, anywhere, from most devices.

Gain insights and foster dynamic learning.

Faculty have access to a wealth of student data through a convenient dashboard, giving them valuable insight into student participation and performance. Copia Class provides higher education institutions with an innovative digital environment that helps to foster student-faculty interaction, increase productivity, and create a dynamic, personalized learning experience for students.

Maximize your Time

With Copia Class, everything that faculty need to teach and that students need to learn is available in one convenient place. Faculty can save time on preparing lectures and supplementary presentations or materials by embedding them in-line, at the exact point within the e-textbook where students will use them. Students can also add their own notes, highlights, bookmarks, and comments within Copia Class, helping to keep them organized and focused on what's most important.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Copia Class is a cloud-based solution that gives faculty and students access to e-textbooks, videos, notes, and collaboration tools from most devices, anytime and anywhere. In a world that demands 24x7 access to the learning environment, Copia Class empowers higher education institutions to be at the forefront of educational technology and to exceed expectations.

Personalize the Experience

Faculty can insert notes, links to supplementary materials, multimedia, discussion points, or quiz questions for students, all within the context of the e-textbook. Students have immediate, convenient access to the instructor's course materials, all in one place. They can also create their own notes, study guides, and discussion points, giving them the flexibility to apply their personal learning and study styles within Copia Class.

Interact in Real-time

Copia Class goes beyond the capabilities of a textbook, enabling real-time communication between students and faculty within the e-textbook or course content. Faculty and students can post questions and have relevant discussions - all within a single, accessible digital environment. Copia Class fosters a highly interactive learning community that keeps faculty and students connected. Students have access to a digital environment that allows them to engage with the text in a meaningful way outside of the classroom.


A Solution for Your Entire Institution

For faculty

Copia Class makes it more efficient for faculty to provide feedback and answer questions from students all within the e-textbook. Instead of spending extra time creating stand-alone materials or presentations, faculty can simply add notes, media links, and discussion points right within the e-textbook itself. They can even gauge students' understanding of the course material by embedding quiz questions that can be automatically scored and delivered to a dashboard.

for students

When students study outside of class, they are no longer alone. With Copia Class, they have immediate access to comments, notes, links, and discussion points created by faculty within the e-textbook. Students can also make their own notes within the e-textbook to share with faculty or with other students for study groups. Copia Class helps improve student organization by keeping everything they need in one place, eliminating the need for separate notebooks or materials.

for administrators

Copia Class gives institutions access to a collaborative digital learning environment coupled with rich content from leading publishers and content providers. Administrators can leverage technology that provides unique insight into student participation and performance, improves productivity for faculty and students alike, and fosters a personalized learning environment. Copia Class also integrates with leading learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS), making it easy to incorporate into your campus technology platform.